Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'd never been to Yellowstone, so we had to make sure to go before we moved at Christmas (we don't know where we're moving, we just have to move). It was such a blast. We saw so much wildlife--it was crazy! We saw buffalo, elk, and a bald eagle (yay America!). There were so many gorgeous colors in the water...who would have known there would be oranges and greens in hot springs! I guess it's because of the sulfur in the water, but it is so rad... We saw Old Faithful, but to be honest, it wasn't really a big deal. There's a geyser in Soda that I kinda felt was cooler, but maybe it's because I didn't have any expectations. Anyway, it was fun to know I've been to Old Faithful in the first place. The lodge was really pretty too--really really really pretty woodwork, and not really that complicated, just different. There was also a place called "Kepler Cascades" but I made Jordan take a picture of me in front of it making an "s" with my hands in the place of the p. We also went to the continental divide, which was just a sign by a pond, but it was cool to know you've been there. All in all it was a great trip! We might go back sometime the end of this month and camp--it was so cool!




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Tory and Lindsey said...

How fun!!! Love the pic of Porter in the Mirror... totally agree old faithful wasn't as cool as I exected but hey at least you can say you've been there:-)

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