Monday, October 5, 2009

Ranch Work Trip

The weekend after we went to Yellowstone (see previous post), Jordan's work buddies and their families (well, Tim's friend Merin isn't family, but she sure is a cool girl!) It was fun to have all the people there, and this is the first weekend that Jordan didn't work the whole time! We went on fourwheeler rides and went horseback riding! We hadn't ever put Porter on a horse before, and he didn't really think it was a big deal, but at least he didn't cry. There isn't a whole lot to actually talk about, but there are a good amount of pictures I'll post. Oh right, and Jordan gave Porter soda for the first time--this is how he feels about it. OH MY GOSH, I totally forgot the coolest thing about the weekend! I made Porter a pair of pajama bottoms! I thought I had packed him some, but I guess I forgot because there weren't any in his bag so I used some of Grandma Madlyn's fabric and made him a pair--Jordan calls them his "Elton John" pants. I'm so excited about being able to provide for my kid if he doesn't have clothes! I made him a pair of shoes too, and I'll post those another time. It was a great weekend!


Kris and Katie said...

Becca--I totally know Maren...shes pretty did you get my message?

Kim said...

Wowzer - you made pants from scratch?! It wouldn't be pretty if I had to do it without a pattern. Well done.

Tory and Lindsey said...

Wow miss domestic! sweet pants! P.S. Love Love Peytons Shoes you made her!WE totally need to get together soon Im going stir crazy and my mom just barely left!!! are you guys going to be around this weekend? P.SS my phone sucks!!!Dead as always!miss you guys!

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