Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Update

No, we don't know the gender of the baby yet. That'll happen on September 4th at 2 o'clock, Mountain Standard Time. We'll call all of you with the joyous news.

Two weeks ago I started feeling the baby kicking which was super cool, and even though Jordan hasn't been able to feel the baby yet (I guess his hands are too rough or something), Kaiter felt him kick last night, so I'm not making it up! I can usually just feel him kick me a bit, but Saturday morning, he full on rolled over. It was a weird feeling, but I hope it happens again. I figured it out, and if you stick your finger in the inside of your cheek, it kind of feels like that. Kinda...

Even though he only really weighs a half a pound and is 6 1/2 inches long, it feels like he gained a hundred pounds on Saturday. I went from having a good night's sleep to waking up every few minutes after 4 am because my back was killing me. I thought it was maybe the bed we were sleeping in at the Zamora's (not that it's an uncomfortable bed even in the least, but it's not my bed, so I wondered if that was it), but last night I was sleeping in my own bed and the same thing happened, so I might be doomed to the next 5 months of poor sleep (and then even worse sleep after that).

My body's definitely getting bigger, and I can no longer button or zip any of my pants, but my belly band is saving me. I wear it every day, double folded to hold up my pants.

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