Monday, August 25, 2008

James Christensen

I just got's catalog today, so I've spent a lot of the day thinking about art which reminded me that I haven't looked at James Christensen's website in a little while. Here are some new pieces that I particularly like.


Tab & Nate said...

You made the cake? I thought that you hadn't made it because you never mentioned it. I can't believe you ate it. Who are you? and you never called me the rest of the weekend :( I was super sad because I thought I would get to see you on Sunday. I know I was not priority for this weekend. I know you came down for a friend of ours. But still I am jealous of that friend of yours.

Jennie said...

Becca I feel so inadequate when it comes to you. You are such a cultured individual, so thanks for spreading the art love! I really love the blue piece...the second one down. I'd put that in our house!

Mayfield54 said...

You know, don't you, that he did our etchings? I love his surreal paintings! There is always so much involved in them.

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