Monday, August 25, 2008


As a rule, I don't like cake. It's usually too dry for my taste, and it just seems like there can only be a few different ways it can taste, and I get sick of it. Well, I decided to make a cake. It was a lemon cake with sour cream chocolate frosting in between the 4 layers, with sweetened condensed milk with lemon juice soaked through all the layers, with marshmallow fondant on the top, with chocolate chips in a circle in the middle. The chocolate chips are because it's supposed to be the middle of the sunflower. The fondant was supposed to be bright yellow, but I put yellow cake gel in the fondant instead of food coloring because I thought they were the same--they are not.

The fondant was a completely new experience which I think turned out pretty well for my first time ever. I will need to make a lot more next time because the more you make the less of a chance you'll have ripples when you put it over the cake (which I had a lot of). I also learned the cake has to be super smooth because fondant shows every little imperfection.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with the experience. The cake tasted good and even though it wasn't yellow, it looked pretty good too. Yay for experiments!

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