Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jordan's Scooter

So, Jordan bought a scooter with his graduation money. He drives it to work everyday and drives it everywhere he needs to go around town. He's still bitter from when his mom sold his moped for $20 while he was on his mission, and his dreams of having another one have finally been fulfilled. His co-workers made fun of him a lot, until he told them it got 100 miles/gallon. That made them shut up a little. However, being made fun of has still not come to a complete stop. This was illustrated when he came back to his office after being in a meeting and found his scooter on his desk. I'm glad he loves his job.


The ZamFam said...

I love the scooter! I want one!!! As for the Twilight book, have you read it yet? If not, I have it here waiting for you!!!

Tab & Nate said...

So I was out drawing with chalk on my parents driveway with my nephew Finn and I remembered a funny experience. Remember that time that Katie, you , and I all slept outside at your grandparents house and you left me OUTSIDE by myself!! I still can't believe it. I could have been eaten by bears. I would have haunted you for the rest of your life!

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