Monday, August 25, 2008


Being prego is an interesting thing to be in the food sense because I have to get a certain amount of certain foods every day. Right now, I'm eating way more than I ever have, ever, in my whole entire life. I haven't started to get super strong cravings yet, but with my constant eating, I am trying to branch out in what I eat so I don't get tired of what I eat everyday (too late). This has led me to experimenting with a lot of foods (I made pesto for the first time last week), and wanting to experiment with more. Such as this one:. Today, however, is not a day for me to cook. I'm am completely exhausted and all I want to do is go somewhere that smells good and have someone cook something I'm going to love for me. My frustration is therefore in my location. If you google "japanese restaurant pocatello" you will get not one site for a Japanese restaurant in my area. This is heartbreaking to me because that's all I want. I am worn out of spaghetti with whole wheat pasta, sandwiches on whole wheat bread, roast and mashed potatoes, Mexican food, soup, and everything else that has to do with any regular food American people eat on a daily basis. This leaves me with--asian food. I have a past post which celebrates me going to a Chinese restaurant, which is very good, and so far, that's the place that I'm going to go, but I don't actually want to go there, it's just the best of the things I don't want to eat. I'm going to go to the Change Garden which is a Chinese buffet. We'll see how that goes, and I hope I don't get sick--that'll just make me mad.


The ZamFam said...

So I will comment on all of these...I am so sorry that there isnt a japanese food place. When you want what you want and its not possible to get, nothing satisfies it. We had lots of fun with you guys here. Sorry that my kids woke you up. I tried to keep them in my room, but apparently, they are pretty sneaky. ( I am listening to your music and this guy singing opera, is he the one that won in england or something? He was something like a janitor, right????) Anyways, next time you are here, I it will only by you guys so we can do more with just us. When are you coming again?? Promise to be more fun!!!!!! The cake...super yummy by the way. Oh and one more thing: few more days of Pocatello!!! YAY!!! and baby gender will soon be found out. I a super super excited!!!

Kim said...

I TOTALLY hear you on this. I never thought eating could be a chore, but it's getting annoying.

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