Monday, August 25, 2008

Salt Lake City Weekend

Jordan and I went to Salt Lake this weekend to see Jonathan Monson's wedding (my physics friend). It was so good, and everything was so beautiful. Jonathan Monson's suit was chocolate brown which was awesome and Rebecca (his wife)'s dress was absolutely gorgeous. Everything was in very good taste, even the cake, which was a three tiered rectangular cake, with the top half of each tier white and the bottom chocolate brown. The food was spectacular. We had panini's with some kind of berry sauce incorporated into the meat and cheese--so good. The chocolate fountain wasn't bad either. We got to sit by his mom, and me having heard so much about her and her hearing so much about me, and us both knowing a good amount about Jonathan, we both had a very enjoyable chat. We also sat by one of his...great aunts? I don't actually know who it was, but she's in MoTab, and told us some super cool stories about her experiences in it.

During the weekend we stayed at the Zamora's. We always stay at their house when we go to Salt Lake, and it is always a joy. We had the experience for the first time of having two of their kids (Dallin and Kailee) come and wake us up, talking to us until we were fully awake and ready to get up. That had never happened to either of us before, and it was nice--it was a reminder of how it's going to be in not very long.

We got to SLC late Friday night (too late to be able to see Tobe--sorry again), and got to chat with Gus and Becky for a while before we all got too tired to watch the Olympics. The next day was very enjoyable. We had kind of a lazy morning, went to breakfast at Denny's (where I got the ultimate omelet), went to see if there was anything at the "big sale" at REI (not that big of a sale), and then Jordan, Gus, and the kids went home for a nap and a bike ride, while Becky, her sister Jodi (who was also visiting for the weekend from Colorado Springs), and I went to a few stores. We first went to RodWorks where I spent most of the time talking myself out of buying everything in the store. I was about to buy an iron swirly bowl with some super cool glass balls in it. This is what it looked like (sorta), but instead of having those red balls I was going to put the ball in the other picture in the mix, only instead of black, it was white and instead of white, it was light green. The colors in our living room are gold and green so I thought that would look very good together, but then I realized we didn't have a coffee table, or any tables next to our couches, so there would be no place to put it.
We also went to a few fabric stores which were super cool, one of them being Material Girls Quilting. It made me want to quilt every single moment of every day. I didn't buy a thing there either, but I think I will make a quilt between Fall and Winter semester, since I'm going to be super pregnant, and probably won't be able to (or even just want to) leave the house because it's so flippin cold outside in Rexburg during the winter.

All of us (not just the women) also went to IKEA and spent a good amount of time there. Jordan and I went just because we like the store, and Jordan hadn't been there since he was 10, and I hadn't been there since Chicago, so we were both excited to go. It's just like I remember it--super cool and I want to buy everything. The only thing we did end up buying was a rug (which sadly does not match our living room, but will go in our bedroom), and some black picture frames (of a lot of different sizes) which will go in the living room. It was a super cool place, and it's a good thing I don't live near one or I'd probably go all the time.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable weekend which I'm glad we went to. I don't know when we'll be in SLC again, but I wouldn't mind it being sooner than later! Also, there aren't any pictures on here because my camera's in my car, but when I go to lunch I'll go get it and post pictures later.

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Mayfield54 said...

So glad you and Jordan had a great weekend in SLC. Wish we could have seen you, but we were in Boston with YOUR family. . . It was great. Gma

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