Monday, August 18, 2008


I was just browsing around the Flower Boutique website and found these super cute skirts!

They're super cute and look super easy to make. I need a sewing machine so bad--I keep buying fabric and pin it all together but never end up sewing it!

I also need to find someone who'll take pictures like this. I love her style of shooting, but I'm not super keen on paying $150 to have someone take my picture. I think it's really cool that I have a pregnant body though, and I'd like some good pictures to commemorate it. We also need some family pictures, but we're going to wait until the baby's actually out of my body to take them.


lately said...

i vote YES to the prego pics.

what a super good idea, i'm surprised more people don't do fancy things like that when they are pregnant. it sounds so beautiful in a very natural sort of way.

becca b said...

Yeah, I really like the idea too.

smellyheidi said...

If you and your entire family ever end up visiting me in California or Iowa, my sisters would do portraits for you for free because I love you. But I don't think they love me enough to fly all the way to Idaho...

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