Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Furniture Renovations

We're probably going to be in Rexburg until Summer of '10 and we're having a baby, so Jordan and I finally came to terms with needing to start buying furniture. We've begun decorating our apartment: the bedroom is chocolate brown, copper, and off-white; and the living room is green, gold, and black. We bought a new bed (which is absolutely divine) with some of Jordan's graduation money, and started looking for a dining room table and a coffee table. Our goal for both of those items of furniture was a coffee table we could paint black (to go with the frames we bought at IKEA) and a dining room table we could refinish (we really like a dark, cherry color, so that's the color we'll stain it), and also put put some tile in the middle in order to avoid hot pads, and because it looks super good. It's the same idea as this, only the tile will take up a much smaller amount of space. Jordan also won't seal them in, he'll just cut into the wood so the tile is flat with the rest of the table, but if we get tired of the tile that's there we can just pop it out and put new tile in. So I looked on craigslist and found both of what I was looking for for super cheap and they're good quality! The pictures aren't online anymore, so here are pictures of what they kinda look like.
Since the table is round and pretty big, we'll put four 12"x12" pieces of tile in the middle (creating a square), and there are also 3 leaves to go in the middle if we need to have more people, so when we add the leaves the tile will be at each end of the table. Great idea, huh?

Yay for starting to get new things!


The ZamFam said...

Nice!!! I love craigslist!!!!!!! When are you going to Ikea again????

Tab & Nate said...

YEAH! I love getting furniture. that is so much fun! I spend a lot of time now looking at furniture because in May we are going to have to buy everything and I mean EVERYTHING. So i am watching sales so I can get the best.

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